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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Jeanne K

I am not waiting for the kit but want to say, I've been in another kit club where, trying to get the latest would mean a late kit more than once. So take it easy on yourself. Everybody wants the newest.
But your kits are so awesome, and I thank the Lord I found you, even though I can't remember how!
Please remember I love being here and being your friend!


Laura - I'm glad the Webster's pages came in for you! Try not to get sooo stressed. You do an awesome job with the kit club and have AWESOME customer service!

I think a mid month march kit is great. It would make it easier on me finacially! I don't want to miss a kit!

Linda Gothard

Girl, you are just way too hard on yourself. There is a stamp I love in Stampin Up that says "On the days when I can't seem to find God, I trust in the fact that he can find me." (I think that is right.) You do an excellent job with the kit club and taking care of your adorable family. I am always so pleased when I get my goodies in the mail and if I have to wait sometimes, it will just be that much more fun when I get them. Give yourself a break. Most of your members are just like me, they have enough stuff at home to work on and won't stop crafting just because the kit is a little late. Next month will be better and pretty soon you will be on a wonderful vacation.

Melanie S.

You are too hard on yourself. Remember there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Things usually work themselves out in the end.

Take a deep breath and smile!

Valerie Bishop

Just want to say that I love the new prima stuff!! and don't even worry about the Webster page. I did have you send my kit to me without it, but you can just hold onto that one page until I get my next kit and send it with that! I do not blame you one bit about canceling the rest of your order with them...I'd do the same thing! Just know that whenever your kits are available I will be jumping to get them!! My Feb kit is just awesome but everyone's been sick here, so I haven't even really gotten to use it, so if you do back the March kit to the mid month that would be ok (even though I would still get it if it were at the beginning of the month ;)!) Your kits are worth waiting for girl!! Sending hugs your way and have a great day!!


See, there WAS a bright spot at the end of the tunnel afterall! Hey- anything good in life is worth waiting for right!! And if you all are like me, we'll never be caught up in scrapbooking, so if March gets backed up a bit, it's okay. February kits will keep everyone occupied for a bit!
My goodness, you have so much going on, be easy on yourself!And hello! Those Prima flowers look so REAL! I have to have those babies!!!!!!!! xOxO

Karen Dodson

Hey Laura!!! Don't worry about the Webster's Pages page. I can also get mine held until the next kit. For March, I would rather go ahead and keep it the first of the month, but if everybody else wants to do mid-month, I'm cool with that, too. I'll still get it no matter when. Take care and know that we are all understanding and love ya'!!

Karen Dodson

Oh, BTW, I've GOT to have some of those Prima's, too!! LOL!!!

Becky G.

Laura - you are a fab mom!
We all have days like that and your plate is super full. Buffet style!
Please don't sweat about the late kits, we love you!
Have a great Valentine's day!

Amy N

Love your Fridge Valentine! I posted a link to it on the Simply Handmade Mag Blog. I hope you don't mind!

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