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Friday, April 24, 2009




you're right about the difference between boys and girls. however, you're wrong about what the brush would have been used for. it would have either been a] a gun of some sort, or b] a grenade to throw. as boys we are a more aggressive lot than girls and so guitar would have been further down the list.

best case we would have just whacked our little sister with the brush and walked away!

love ya!


Louise  #3903

Thanks for sneak peaks.........I'm thinking one of them will definitely find their way home to me....just gonna be hard choosing which one!

Melanie S.

Laura, I'm with Ty on this one about the brush. Defiantly a weapon of some sort, gun or grenade. Specially growing up with 2 younger brothers into army stuff. Not to mention being hit in the head many times with them. LOL! And look at the baby, growing already. Looks like daddy had his little princess!

Ok, the kits. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the uniquely chic kit, but you probably already knew that. My Little Shoebox it the cutest, love their stuff! I hope the mail gets here fast! I'm excited to start working on my projects.

Melanie S.

forgot to say...love the hair!

You look great either way. The darker hair really makes your eyes pop.

Niki Willaert

Wowee! The May kits are gonna rock! So glad you put together kits with the My Little Shoebox stuff - LOVE it! Best of luck getting your projects done this weekend and thank you for the detailed tutorial! Supposed to rain here in Minnesota this weekend so I just might have to do some tea-dying while watching the thunderstorms roll in. And... you and your hair look simply lovely! Enjoy the weekend!

Tina Wishart

Hi! Found your blog through Kim Hesson. Love it! The kits look fantastic and I have to say I love your hair. (ok is that weird from someone that you don't know?)
Anyway....really like your blog.


wow you have such a great eye for kits!They look fabulous!

Heather T.

I love the sneaks! I will have to have the Uniquely Chic kit!

Hey, Niki, I'm from MN, too! The rain does not sound fun all weekend!

Jeanne K

Laura, Have yourself a great weekend and try to get some me time in. I really love the May sneaks and think I am leaning toward the Uniquely Chic kit! I am so excited about it. Yes I knew about the tea, but a great reminder!

One of the boys and I are sick. I have to say this is the worse flu in years. I had to have the boys dad come over and watch them yesterday afternoon, cause I kept falling asleep (not a good thing with 2 autistic boys)and except for getting up to take my meds at 6:45 I slept from 3pm till 8 am. and still feel yuck.

Wendy A

I am so loving all the sneaks! Can't wait until May 1st and snag some!

Karen Dodson

OK, so, I'm going to need all of the May kits, especially that project kit. I can't WAIT to see the full reveal for May!!

Love your hair!! Love baby Ella!! Love your make and takes. Wow!! I need to move out west. All my fave crafty people live there!!!

Ann from Michigan

Jealous that you could go blonde or brunette and still look fabulous. My last experiment was with the help of my mother in law. Love her but......She insisted on helping me "highlight" my hair for summer. I ended up looking like the wig in your picture or, as I liked to say, I had a chunk of margarine sitting on my head. My husband was so horrified he immediately put up the $100+ it took to go to the salon and have it fixed. Leave it to say that from now on it's salons only for me. LOL
May kits have caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing them all.


Laurie, hang in there! I'm hoping May 1st gets her fast for you!


I am soooo impressed with your blog and your kits!!! I am looking forward to the full kit reveal!!!

Amber Goble

What amazing looking kits Laura, I'm going to have to make a purchase!!! Love the wig, hehe...just a little yellow! It's tough finding hair stylist, I think it's harder to find a stylist than it is to find a doctor! I go to a place called Blondies so you can guess what color my hair is! Adorable baby pictures!!! And I loved your tea staining tutorial...I've been wanting to do something with burlap, wonder how it stains? Gonna have to try it.

Theresa from Virginia

Love the May kits - might have to find room in my budget for more than one of those!

Love the new pics of Ella and Ty - she is precious!

Love your hair! (no, not the baby chick yellow one!)

Loving all those projects you have laying around the house. I know how that scrapbook sprawl thing can get, but just have fun with it and relax - that clutter will still be there when you get to it!

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