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Saturday, November 01, 2008


Jennifer Phillips

I would love to buy a grab bag - I just happened on your site and wow! It's fabulous!


I'm a sucker for grab bags-I'll certainly take 1 (or 2)!


I didn't sneak any candy. I made them all dump it into a big pile on the table, threw away the "crap", and put the rest in a big bowl that they can OCCASIONALLY get something out of....while I munch away on the good stuff.

Louise  #3903

your girls look so cute but the angel was my favorite......she is turning into a beautiful woman right before your eyes! Looks like a fun time was had by all! Any chance mystery bag can go with the kit we just ordered? Let me know.

Jeanne K

What beautiful pictures of your family! They all turned out perfect. Sounds like you all had fun.
I totally understand the computer thing.; With the DGS, and my DD I was getting no time so I got myself a laptop
in the Spring and it is always calling.

one more thing, are you gong to tell us how to put the mica on the house, is it hard?

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