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Monday, November 24, 2008


Jeanne K

I sure hope Isabella is OK! I know what you mean about antibiotics, they just wack up your whole body.
I'm going to work on my house today and hope my tinsel town paper gets here. If not I'll just do it with WP Coco I have.
I love the fact that you are decorating before you head this direction for Thanksgiving. DGS#1 and I are going to start friday on the outside! We don't do the tree till the 1st weekend in Dec. I love your banner, how fun.

Linda Gothard

That wreath is just beautiful and I LOVE the colors. (Of course, I am a red person.) Sure hope Isabella gets better; you're right, it is time to ask the doctor. She looked like the picture of health in those cute pictures on Friday but I know how it goes. One minute they seem to be getting better and the next they are really sick again.

Niki Willaert

Sending healing prayers for Isabella; hope all goes well at the dr. sppt. Love the banner and swag!! So pretty!

Melanie S.

Hope your little one gets better soon! Usually by the time you get them to the doctor they are all better and the doctor's looking at you like your crazy cause nothings wrong. (at least that is what happens when I take mine in---UGH!)

Love the banner, can't wait to see the rest of your projects!

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