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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Heather Prins

well that little box idea is pure genius! I have another one that is also pure genius, but it'll cost ya, LOL!

Linda Gothard

I would love to make one of those Christmas Trees if you have directions or have a kit. Your design team is so creative. I LOVE the vintage layout with the snowmen.

Jeanne K

I love the sneak peeks. Did I tell you my Zip Dry dried up and my LSS was out So I got the glossy finish multi-media gell from the Studio collection bu Ranger Inks and my front door looks like glass with beautiful frosty finish. I'll send you a picture when it is dry!

Jeanne K

I just posted that you had a genius of a husband! but I don't know where it went. But I love the system he came up with, how helpful is that.
I love seeing those sneak peeks!
I told the boys they had to wait till next Friday to decorate the yard and outside and the next weekend we could put up the tree. So they can't see this LOL!!

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