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Friday, November 07, 2008


Jeanne K

Laura, I think it is outstanding that you take this committment so personally. But this being said, I for 1 understand about sick kiddos. Being the main caregiver to my Precious DGS' while Mama works about 57-60 hours a week, I know how all encompassing that could be. I will be lifting you all up in prayer!

Louise  #3903

we have all been there...done that... with sick kids it is hard to get ANYTHING accomplished! Take care & hope everyone is well soon!

Niki W

Laura - you are so gracious! No worries about the kits, the kiddos always come first! Praying for a healthy weekend for your home!

Linda Gothard

Take care of your kids; your family comes first. The kits won't spoil and it is definitely not worth stressing over. I hope you and the other girls don't catch it and Isabelle is better soon.

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