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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Linda Gothard

OMG so many things to be thankful for. Family, friends, good health, a job, grandchildren, a roof over our head. We are so blessed.

Jeanne K

First I have to say that LO was so Beautiful. Melanie what a great job!

Will keep praying for Isabella, Hope it clears up soon.

What am I thankful for? that one is too easy, I am Thankful I have a Forgiving and Loving Savior that I can speak to everyday, several times a day and he helps me make Every Day awesome. And I know where I am going when I leave here. (it is very sad to have a child become an athiest because of a bad pastor, but I will stand in the gap for her and help raise my DGS' to Know and Love HIM!)

Elisa K

omg I love that layout. It totally rocks...


I probably won't sleep waiting for the reveal!
You have ruined me.

Lisa Wilkinson

i am looking forward to the reveal :) i hope your little girl is well soon! i will keep her in my prayers!

the layout is so pretty... Melanie did a great job... thank you for sharing it with us!!


Up and at 'em! 9:51a.m. EST here. Actually, you know I'm kidding. I just forgot to mention yesterday that I so agree with you about the antibiotics. If the little doll continues to have problems, you might want to consider having your home checked for mold. DON'T PANIC! It does not mean you are a bad housekeeper, but you would be surprised where that stuff can grow.I moved from a house we were renting when mushrooms started growing in the carpet-I have pictures. My asthmatic 13 year old who had pneumonia 7 times in one year, never got sick again and was even able to go off his asthma medication.

Heather Prins

his is lovely and your kit looks lovely too!

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