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Thursday, August 27, 2009


dina k

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!! So many awesome teachers there, I sure it will be great!!

Can't wait to see which Juicy purse you picked! What a sweet b-day gift! My daughter and I went to the Juicy shop in NY, it was so cute, wish I would have taken pictures!

Have fun!

Norma Kennedy

Have a safe trip Laura.No wonder you didn't answer my phone cal... You are out gallivanting again lol Beautiful pics !

Stacey Hansen

Laura I am so excited for your first Juicy purse. I have been wanting one for a while now. So now I can live vicariously through you. Doing a little happy dance for you. Love the photos. So glad you were able to get away and have some fun!

Jeanne K

Laura, It seems we jut missed each other. While you were soaking up the theater, we were in Disland celebrating my Bday. It was not a good day for Parker, the 5 year old. I don't know how many of you know but both my grandsons have autism disorders but being in noise, crowded places really bothers Parker. At school he covers his ears when the other kids sing or music is on.
While you were at the Farmers market we were having lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. So yummy! Then we went to Balboa Island and played at the beach for a few hours.

You have yourself a wonderful time and learn lots of new things to share with us!

As always, in my prayers,

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