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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Elizabeth Williams

But no one does a kit like you-sob whine! How about a hypothetical Halloween kit to give the crafting impaired (like me) an idea of what would look good! Also birthday rapidly approaching-am setting aside funds for your next kit sale!

Louise  #3903

your girls are so pretty and just could not take a bad shot if they tried!

Laura C Fiskateer 5939

Beautiful pics - I had to share your blog with my niece who is getting senior pics taken now. Love the Marie Antoinette info - I'm fascinated by her story.


I love when history comes to life. Thanks for sharing. Anxious to see your latest projects.


OMG, can't believe I won! Will send you my info shortly. THANKS!!

Kim Caldwell

Hey Miss Laura. . . Just read on your Blog that emails aren't getting to you. Did you receive mine? Just trying to connect with you about an idea. Thanks!

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