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Friday, August 21, 2009


Valerie Bishop

My two older kids are in college, but my youngest started 9th grade this year and when I dropped her off at school - I went shopping!! So blissful to go and look just for me without worrying about school clothes and supplies!! I went clothes shopping, scrappy shopping, and just window shopping. I got back home just in time to pick her up from school!! :)

deb famularo

Congtratulations on all your successes, and can I say I am dying over your Marie album? How about a Marie kit Laura!

It's Mimosa Monday for me when my kids go to school, party at Deb's! You're all invited!
Whoo Hoo!

Wanda Contreras

My kids started school last week and the first thing I did was sleep in. Yes!!! I went back to bed without any worries (no MOM I'M BORED, MOM I'M HUNGRY, ETC. ETC). I LOVE TO SLEEP!!!
Hope you have a great time in PS.
Wanda Contreras

Sandi M

School begins here on the 31st. We've had company this week and are having different company next week. There's been so much company that I haven't gotten to scrap at all! I plan to spend that first day doing nothing but playing in the scrap cave!


Well, Makenna is only 11 weeks old so I have a ways to go until she hits school. BUT I imagine that I will send her off to school with tears in my eyes and a camera in hand then go back inside and fill up the jacuzzi tub and relax with a diet dew or cup of tea and some magazines while neck deep in luxurious bubbles!! Ahhh that sounds nice:)

Lisa Wilkinson

congrats girl! you rock (i hope you know that!)- you are so talented and such a sweetheart, too! well, i will answer your question, but differently- i home school, so what i am loving this week is just being back to my routine! i love staying home, learning and teaching with my kids- it brings me so much joy!
i hope you got my e-mail laura :)

dina k

Your travel album looks great! So excited about the upcoming kits!! I especially can't wait for that Postcards from Paris kit in October, woohoo, I love that line!

My daughter went back to school this Wednesday, 3rd grade, my goodness the years are flying by! She was so exicted to see all her friends! I wish I could say I had a me day after dropping her off at school, but I have been working at a client's office all week, so that is not so much fun! Oh well, it's good to have work, so for that I am lucky!

Have a wonderful trip (or make that 2 trips)! I am sure you will have a great time! I love taking scrapbook classes, I bet Creative Escape will be awesome! Be sure to share pics!


Gosh...being at home alone with all the gals at school will be total BLISS :P Hmmm there a million of things to do but I will probably start sorting out my stamps, both clear & mounted. They have been crying for attention for a LOOONG time! And it really hit home how much I need to re-organize them when I accidentally bought double of a stamp *OMG*....organise...organise!

Karen Dodson

Oh goodness!! I'm new to this whole "kids in school" thing as DS started kindergarten this year and DD is still too small for school, so I don't really have a traditional first-day thing I like to do. I have to admit, though, that your Barnes and Noble idea sounds great, Laura!! Maybe I'll make that my tradition!!!

Love all your photos and albums! Can't wait to see the September kits. Have a great time in Palm Springs and at Creative Escape! Wish I was going with you!!!


I hope to go to Starbucks and while drinking my favorite drink, a white chocolate mocha, plan on reading the book I'm reading right now. I also hope to scrapbook!

Louise  #3903

My boys are out of school now but the thing I always loved was my FREEDOM.........free to take a nap, take a walk, shop some thrift stores, do some garage saling or just be alone. When you have 4 boys within 6 years ME time was very hard to find and when you did it was treasured!
Your books are awesome & I love the travels you take as I take them virtually through you!

Brianna T.

Well, my kids aren't school age yet, but I imagine that I would be going shopping and to lunch all by myself!!

Linda Gothard

This year on the first day of school, I will be in school. Since losing my job in April, I have decided to got to college. The first semester will all be online courses but I have arranged my scrapbook room to include some study room and plan to spend the mornings doing school work and the afternoons free just as if i was working.

Joanne Walker

Since I homeschool, on the first day of classes I like to be uber organized and on time for online courses. The second day, we start to slip behind...


Your travel pictures and pages are beautiful. I loved your fall album from last year, I remember looking at it and thinking how great it looked. For my kids first day at school, I usually just enjoy quiet time around here. May do some shopping and enjoy lunch with a friend. The time seems to pass quickly then I have to pick kids up from school.

Lisa Martinez

On the first day of school I dream of scrapbooking or making a new necklace and then going out to a relaxing lunch with my hubby!!


Well I am realizing that I am no longer a school mom. My youngest just graduated....sniff. So I hadn't really been thinking about the first day of school. But I think that my first day off after Labor Day I will play to meet up with a friend or two for coffee........to just relax and catch up. :)


I'm so sad! My daughter has grown up now and is starting Uni this year. I miss her school days, but remember well on her first day(s) back at school feeling naughty (as if I was playing truant), excited and guilty at all the sudden time I had to do what 'I' wanted to do. Happy days lol.

Also just want to say - loving your blog.

Kathleen Kraft

Laura....you pack alot in your life! I am that kind of person too so I get it....and I will see you at Creative Escape..I'll be there too actually beginning Tuesday.

I don't have kids but what I will do when all of this madness is over (I have mice and a house inspection on Sept 1st) is go to the gym and then come home and scrapbook!

Leslie L.

First of all, I love seeing that fall album again. I drooled over it last year, too.

First day of school here means lots of pics in the AM and a special dinner at night. Plus, I actually get to have a clean house for more than 30 minutes :)

Stormy E

The thing I looked forward too on dd's first day of school was taking a nap with ds!! now when both of them are in school it will probably a Starbucks run and a day of either shopping or scrapping with no one there to fuss!!


Oh, if I win this then when I get the Sept kit you can mail this and the acrylic set!!!

Since I don't have kids, the first day of school means watching for kids while I'm driving and slowing down for school zones!



Theresa from Virginia

Both of my children (24YO in med school and 15YO in high school) start back to school on Sept 8th, and you will probably find me dancing on the kitchen table right before I have to go to work as if it's just another normal day! The bookstore and coffee shop sound like a great idea though, so maybe I'll head over to B&N for lunch that day to celebrate getting my schedule back to normal!


I work full time so will be taking lots of school pics while dropping them off, then head off to work. Leaving work early the first day to pick them up and hear all about their new teachers and classmates.

Monica Robinson

I have a 19 & 18 year old in college. My baby is 12 and she is a 7th grader this year. She started school on August 12th. I went to Starbucks drive thru and book her a donut at the donut shop and dropped her off at school I took two pix of her in the morning but she was not too cooperative.
Then i picked her up & took her to get a smoothie and pizza from Costco. I was going to take her for ice cream at BR like we normally do each year but she changed it up this time. she told me about her day and I smiled and listened. She is growing up! Did not like hearing about the perverted boys at school but I want to keep lines open so she keeps talking to me.

Love the mini travel book and would love to come to the gathering at your place for a craft night since I live in the area. :)

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