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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Theresa from Virginia

Hey Laura - haven't had much time for scrapping lately or for dropping by much, but I just wanted to let you know I received my issue of "Create: Mini Albums" in the mail today, and whose creation is on the cover??? Why, yours of course! Congratulations on another publication! Your stuff is always amazing, and I'm always proud to say that I "know" you! You are awesome - keep up the great work!


i would like to have the april kit available at the end of march but i will take it whenever. it sounds wonderful. thank you for working so hard for us. you make my heart sing.

Beth W

More of a question than a comment-but-will there be a kit for the April online class? Any chance we can get a sneak peek if there is? I need something to look forward to.

Melissa Sauls

I'm actually a new follower to your blog but that April kit sounds super duper YUMMY!! I say, the sooner the better! :)


Oh Laura, I would love it either way :) It's just great having your kits again so if it is better for you whichever way you prefer, I am more than happy just to get them!


The April kit sounds extremely fun and pretty, I would say after Easter but if you sell them the end of March I'll try to get it anyway :)
Have a great day


My March kit arrived just now - woo-hoo! :) And I would love to be able to play with the April kit *sooner* rather than later - it sounds awesome!! :) I'm an immediate gratification kinda gal LOL! ;)

Jena Baker

Revealing the April kit in March is a defnitie MUST>


End of march would be great but when ever you get it out is fine with me! As usual you are an inspiration! Love all your yummy stuff!


It would be great to have the kits for break,love youre kits..


Thanks to Theresa from VA I am going to get the
Create: Mini Albums, I had forgotten that you were the Cover Girl.
I am really looking forward to the April kit reveal. I would love it anytime. Since AnnaMarie got hers today, I am anxious to get home and see if mine came, the online class kit should come at the same time. It will be Christmas in my mailbox.


OMGosh...received my LOADED kit today!!!! (PA)
Super fast shipping. I LOVE everything...the Prima pp's, flowers, Pearls and the bag of goodies......be still my heart.

I'm not sleeping tonight just going to scrap the night away!!

Once again Laura you have out done yourself! btw my little postcard is soooo precious. I like to think about the people that wrote them and what life was like back in the early 1900's.


omgoodness!!! i am loving all your fun finds!!! the typewriter charm is too cute and i can't wait to see what you do with that LOVER-LY stamp!!!!! awesome!!!!

Ruth Ann Landry

Laura, my kit came today...my first! and wowsers! I am super happy with the contents and am anxious to go "play" with it. This may be a little challenging for me as I am just getting started with the shabby chic/vintagy look. I've always been a linear, clean, classic scrapper, but after seeing your work and your product line I wanted to "change it up"....As for the April kit....I say, the sooner the better!!!


I got my kit yesterday and had so much fun playing with it till the weee hrs of the morning :)I would love to get the April kit sooner, it definately sounds like another must have. Then again all your kits are, i'm so glad they're back!


I just got my kits came today, both the March and the online class. I am thrilled with both and have oodles of ideas for the March kit, a birthday gift for my sister and a LO of my girls. Now to work-out and get home and get started...

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