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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



That birdhouse is adorable!
No wonder Princess Victoria wants it!


Oh your birdhouse is precious...love how you did the roof. I need to learn how to do the pleating.

Just one question....do you need someone to tag along on your trip this summer? Maybe I could take care of the girls? Carry bags?? Sounds like a wonderful trip!!


Please say that my add n kit that i WON,will be sent out with the kits???
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed...;)


What a stinkin cute birdhouse. What a fabulous trip you are going to have I can't wait to see the treasures you find for our fabulous kits!!! Grace

Heidi Sonboul

Tha bird house is GORGEOUS!!!
I love...LOVE the texture in the roof and the pinks with Greens!

PS know you are really a princess! lol ;)


Love the birdhouse - especially the roof.

Judith Norman

Great post, Laura. The girls are beautiful. Uh-hmm-- 15 pounds? From where? You're already perfect. You lose 15 pounds you'll vanish.


I LOVE the birdhouse!! And your girls are adorable also!

Shemaine Smith

Laura that birdhouse is so stunning! I love that you post about your daughters...it gives me a happy heart to read all that I have to look forward to with my Lily!
Love it when you and Heidi team up, the results are always inspiring!


quelle magnifique petite maison que tu as crée !!!

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