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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Colleen F

I need to remember that tip about wearing the poncho on water rides. I usually like the ride, but hate getting soaked and then spending the day in wet clothing. Yucky.


Laura, such fun pictures!!
I think you said the grab bag sales and other sales you are having in September?
Just asking because I'm saving some extra money before I spend it!!

Beth W

No roller coasters for me either so I will go with you on the Small World ride!

Gladys Ang

I definitely know what u mean Laura! I can still remember m eldest gal like a little kitten and she is starting junior school next year! Gosh! Where did my little kitten go? Luckily she still loves my hugs and cuddles!

Laura McCollough


Yes the sale will be around the 9th and then the Europe kits will be in the beginning of October!

Hope that helps?


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