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Tuesday, September 14, 2010



You can always come to Holland.
You can go everywhere by train or bus here.
You can visit Germany from here by train, so that gives you many options.
But from Italy it is a long trip i think. By car it is from Tuscany a 15 our drive.
Lago Maggiore is beautifull, you can go to Zwitserland from there. I thing you will have many options to see great places.


Hmm I love castles, drawbridges and all. Guess there is still a little gal inside me :P Loved all the musty smell that comes with those as well. Brings me back to another era, complete with spindle etc! So...my vote will be to Scotland or Wales!


I say you take the train from Milan and go through the Italian Riviera/French Riviera - which is only a few short hours away. My family is from a small town in Italy that borders Menton, France, so I have done the trip several times so it's not too long on the train (maybe 4 hours). You can take the train to Cinque Terre, San Remo, Bordighera, or Ventimiglia, Italy and explore the Italian Riviera, or continue on through Nice, France - and there is plenty to do there - you have Nice itself, the beach, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Menton, and Eze - which is an absolutely beautiful town to explore on a lazy afternoon. And don't even get me started on the FOOD!


Go to Monaco! Let the kids see the palace. We added Monaco onto our Italy trip when we went. I *think* you can take a train into Cannes and then take a bus or helicopter into Monaco.

Debbie O'Neal

I would definitely go to Switzerland..easy to get there by train and gorgeous wherever you end up . But I highly recommend Montreaux....where there is a Medival Castle that you can all tour that has tons of history. It is a quaint little town on Lake Geneva. Or if you want to go up into the Swiss Alps, we stayed in an utterly charming B&B in a wonderful village called Gimmelwald just under the Schilthorn (the mountain where they filmed the first James Bond movie, Her Majesties Secret Service)...you can go wrong with either of these places.

Jena Baker

I have never been to Italy even though I'm half Italian and both of my Grandparents were born there. I would love to take a train trip to Lake Como and then take a boat ride on the lake and do some site seeing. Maybe you'll even be lucky enough to spot George Clooney while you are at it. :)

Dina k

I can't wait to see the European kit!!! I MUST remember to be here on reveal night....I am at a scrapbook retreat that weekend. Don't want to miss that kit, you always find the best stuff on your trips!!!

I am so excited for you!!! Back to Europe, that is so great!!! I wish I could recommend something, but I have not been yet. My inlaws rented a villa in Orvieto (somewhere in Tuscany) and loved it! When I do go to Italy, I definitely want to visit Spain as well! My sister-in-law went for honeymoon, must ask her where she recommends! Wherever you go, I am sure it will be wonderful!

Glad you are back, loving the kits so far!! I sure did miss them this summer!

Take care! Hugs! Dina

Theresa from Virginia

Everywhere in Europe is fabulous and beautiful, but I lived in Germany for several years and my son was born there, so that's where my heart is. For some reason a lot of people don't think of vacationing in Germany, but Germany is sort of like the US - there is something there for everybody. I heartily recommend the Bavaria region, which would be a relatively short trip from Italy. Bertchesgaden (I don't know if I spelled that correctly or not), Neuschwanstein castle (seriously, that is a sight to behold - a photo doesn't do it justice), Rothenburg (which is considered "Christmas Town" - there are so many things to see and do there, but those are probably the big ones that I can think of.

Whatever you decide, I know you will have a wonderful time, because everything in Europe is beautiful, and anywhere you get to spend precious time with your family is special!

Louise Dubord

South of France. Provence is magnificent, the smells, the light and the FOOD. Another very interesting region is Dordogne (in France also) : castles, caves, troglodytes (houses built in the rock), little villages way up a cliff.... Oh my, so many wonderful things to do. Can I come?


I spent the last two years, living and working in London- and traveling Europe on my and must say I have a few fave places on my list 1. Paris - but you already love and adore Paris. 2. Italy - in particular Cinque Terre - it is a stunning and rewarding walk between five gorgeous towns - from your photos of what you loved in Italy I think you would really love this place, the scenery is AMAZING. This website has more information http://www.cinqueterreonline.com/ and 3. Brugge - not sure what it was about this town in Belgium but I loved it too, so quaint, cobbled streets, to die for frites and waffles ..... Seeing all you pics makes me miss Europe so much! Oh the black forest in Germany was stunning too, or doing the sound of music tour in Salzburg, that's great fun. I could go on and on all day!


Everywhere has to be beautiful!
Tuscany is beautiful!
And the riviera!

Marcia Deignan

Riding bikes down the Danube is fun! We went for a week from Passau Germany to Vienna and it's easy riding and so scenic. Small towns with quaint churches and the most beautiful area is from Melk into Vienna.

PS. Just wanted to say that I received your goodie bag and kit from July 2009 and they are spectacular! Wow have I missed your kits. I have had so much fun fondling the goodies :) Thank you so much!

Theresa from Virginia

Laura - I got my goodie bags today - they are SO awesome! Girl, I don't know how you got all 3 of those bags into that box, but I am going to have a great time playing with all these goodies! Thanks!

kate blue

I haven't been but my bff is a world traveler...perhaps Lake Maggiore would be doable depending on weather and time?? http://www.lagomaggiore.net/

Lisa Martinez

Laura, I would highly recommend Belgium - I love the people and there is alot of history to see. (I have family there, so I have visited often.) The Grande Place in Brussels is beautiful and the chocolate is amazing (try Neuhaus and Cornet). I also love Brugge - it is full of canals and beautiful churches - they call it the Venice of the North.

I have always wanted to go to Spain - Barcelona is full of the art and architecture of the Gaudi, which is supposed to be amazing! When I go back, I want to visit Spain and Morocco.


I recommend Scotland. You can get there by train or plane and its awesome. there are ruins and palaces and beautiful coastline and gorgeous vistas EVERYWHERE. I suggest Edinburough (See Holyrood House and Edinburough castle), The highlands (Isle of Skye) which is stunningly gorgous and Balmoral if its open.

alisa logue

Welcome back home... and so jealous you will be returning to Europe! I spent a year in Belgium and I would definitely reccomend going to Bruge in Belgium! It has gorgeous canals and ancient cathedrals. Venice, Italy and Salzburg, Austria are a couple of my favorite places also! And, I'm not sure if you made it to Versaille while in Paris but it is an absolute must! -Alisa

Michelle M White

When is this class??? I'm dying to make it!!!!

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