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Friday, February 18, 2011


Ruth Ann Landry

Laura, I am mostly into making albums, art journal, and altered art....hope that helps you a little. I'm clear on the "other" coast, so I couldn't get to a class, but if I lived nearby....I'd be there!

sandy sh

I like taking classes for scrapbook layouts that teach new techniques.Aaltered art and home decor ones can be inspiring. Hmmm...but maybe chatting w/ the other ladies in the class and seeing how everyone puts their 'individual touch' on the project is the most fun of all!!


Hey Laura! To be honest, I would love taking any class, because frankly, I dont have a local scrap store by me lol. But I really enjoy doing mini albums!! :)


I loved taking classes--LO classes where we would learn a new technique was great when I started out. I also love making mini albums!!! So much fun--unfortunately I can't anymore as there are no LSS by me. Now I try to find inspiration by checking out blogs and tutorials.


i don't have a local scrapbookstore. But if i had one i would love to take a mini album class or one about home decor.
I can't wait for your tutorial from that lovely embroidery hoop.
How is it going with your holiday plans. At this moment we are making plans to go to Italy in August.


I love Mini albums of all kinds but unfortunately the one & only scrapbook store we have here does not do classes. Oh they do little make & takes but that is all. I would love to take a class from you.

Heather B

I like classes that feature techniques more than just product. I like Holiday/Seasonal home decor ideas and also themed minibooks. LOVE your projects!


Definitely layout classes:)


i have never taken a class but i would love to take a class on using paint on my lo's etc!!!! i just never seem to love it when i do it but i love it when other people do it!!

Lisa Hernandez

I like mini book classes. I hardly ever put pictures in them. I just like making them because they are always so pretty and ordered. :)


Hi Laura! I can't wait for your tutorial on the embroidery hoop. Super Cute! Unfortunately I don't have a lss so I often look to youtube and blogs for inspiration and how to's. I love to make mini albums and altered art the most, mainly as presents I give to friends.

Mary Ann

I don't know that I could pick just one. Layouts are always fun to make, home decor, mini books, each can be so inspiring in their own way :) I think the best part is just getting together and having a great time. LOVE the embroidery hoop! Sooo cute!! I've made a few, and like that they are such an easy way to make a new little piece of home decor.
Oh, and your Childhood Memories book looks fab!! I think I need that kit. Darling!!!


Definitely want to make both of these.

deb famularo

Hey Laura! I can tell you have found your niche cuz it shows in your beautiful work! So happy for you! xOxO

Theresa from Virginia

Hi Laura - looking forward to next weekend and the new kits! You have such an amazing talent for taking seemingly disparate items and making them look great together - I would just still be sitting at the table looking at the stuff with question marks floating above my head!

My LSS recently went out of business - what a bummer! I used to take classes on just about any topic - sometimes it's just nice to get together with a group of people and craft and laugh - doesn't have to be any special topic. But I would like to learn hwo to use alcohol inks - I know they've beena round a long time, but I just haven't been brave enough to jump in that water yet - a class would give me more guidance!


Laura, I would like to take layout and mini album classes. I am so inspired by what you do but I really don't have the technique. Thank you and God for your gift!



Laura-I would love to take mini album classes or altered art classes. Anything that teaches new techniques.

ruth tacoma

I really like to take project classes & technique classes more than layouts. But I also like it to be realistic about how much I will accomplish in class and how much I will have to do on my own later. I would rather have to prepare some stuff at home to bring to class in order to get the most out of my class....if possible.


I love taking classes too. I especially would like to get more involved with learning to add mixed media to my scrapbooking and home decor items.


I prefer project classes & technique classes more than layouts.

I'm right on the other side of the world, and love reading blogs and message boards re the latest techniques.

Love your work and I'm in awe of how mix such eclectic goodies together.


Terri watkins

Hi laurel
I love l/o classes with new technique and different mediums. I also like mini books with a specific theme. Thank you for all your inspiration and sharing your travels with us.

Sheila R

Love your sneak peek of your album. Darling!

Louise Dubord

I LOVE technique classes. At my LSS, we have with great layout,mini book and altered art classes.
I love your projects and your trips. I wish you came around Ottawa so we could take your classes!


Darling kit....hopefully I'll be able to get one this time! Always enjoy your creations & look forward to the tutorial using the embroidery hoop. I've become more interested in the altered arts especially after your suggestions for the altered center piece/flowers made from the kit per your suggestion. Mini albums are always a quick way for me to make a gift....baby, wedding, graduation,etc.

Kate Blue

since I'm not big on "precise measuring, I'd like it if my LSS would offer a home decor project that was more mishmash, more eclectic, with some product choice leeway, like maybe a layered canvas perhaps. I have taken an altered tray class with them that I loved- the measuring was all done by the instructor & so it turned out awesome! ps-the hoop rocks!!

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