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Tuesday, March 08, 2011



Im not familiar with ETSY,though youre goodies look great,so ill be shopping soon!!

Kate Blue

OMG-U just reminded me that I didn't open your box! I got it yesterday and got so bogged down (am going back upstairs as soon as I hit enter)...I had actually logged in for the day...am soooo glad you have an Etsy shop! I love Etsy! It's right up there with Home Goods:)


I love ETSY ! Love supporting fellow crafters and have purchased scrapbooking items, home decor, artwork, did I mention I love Etsy, lol.
Thanks for a chance and I will be checking out your Etsy store ! Good luck with it.

Theresa from Virginia

I love Etsy, and I think that's a great way to sell your kits Laura! It's always been inconvenient for me when the kits go on sale, because it's late here on the East Coast, and I don't stay up very late.

Love that Notations kit - wow! Looking forward to seeing what you make with that!

Danielle P

I look at things on ETSY all the time, but have never bought anything.

ruth tacoma

I have purchased some rings and a necklace on Etsy. :)

Gladys Ang

I think Etsy is a wonderful way to encourage crafters to do something they love and earn some money at the end of it. I have bought stamp sets from Stampin'Up as it is not available in my country and love the way it open ups the world of crafting!


Laura-- I am so excited to see your Etsy store! GREAT idea-- I am such a huge FAN of Etsy and have a large stash I have bought from them including everything from Jewelry to paper tags, to wall rub ons. I love this -- so I'll be there to check out your store, too!

Jena Baker

I think you opening an ETSY store is just a fantastic idea! I love to poke around and see all of the beautiful things that so many talented people have to offer.

dana kirby

I love etsy and I am so happy that you are opening a shop! Some of my favorite things to buy are ribbon, scrapbooking/card making, etc. I love mish mash and lilybean's shop too.
I will add you to my favorite!

Wanda Contreras

Hi! I LOVE ETSY!!! and I'm happy you have an etsy shop!!! Thanks for the oppotunity to enter your giveaway!!!
best regards,

miss vio

oooh etsy is the best! congratulations on your shop! :)

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