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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Theresa from Virginia

Awwww ... so sad to know Victoria is having a hard time ... give her hugs and love from me! This will all just make her a stronger and better young woman! Unfortunately it's just a part of life, but tell her to just rise above it all and don't allow herself to go down to the level of this other person.

I love Casey too - he and Jacob Lusk were both AMAZING last night! Wow!

Laura C

I found some of the hardest moments for my daughter in high school were those that involved bullying or hurtful talk. I agree, this generation is not very considerate or caring. Too much technology and the ability to say hurtful things without dealing with the face-to-face human emotion of it. I'm sorry Victoria has had to deal with this. Good learning lesson for the other two but it's unfortunate that it has to happen.


Amen, mama! It's a shame that people can't be nice, especially young people who probably don't have a reason to mean, angry, and hurtful. Unfortunately, this happens everywhere and probably at every period of time in the human race. Your daughters are blessed to have a caring mother who they can talk to. It makes all the difference.

deb famularo

Tell Victoria to hold her pretty head high. Kids can be so cruel, and yes...it is a "me,me,me" mentality for a lot of them out there. Trust me, I know well. Kids tend to go after ones they are envious of or threatened by. In the end, I'll put my money on Victoria being the success story!!
Give her a hug for me, and one for you too mom!! xoxo

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