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Friday, April 08, 2011


louise #3903  cafelouise blogspot.com

I love being organized in my craft room! I went to Walmart and bought a nice plastic container with lid to organize all my supplies for my cuttlebug. So not only are my folders organized my season, sentiment etc & can also emboss papers and put them in their with the appropriate folder!

Theresa from Virginia

I am not terribly organized in my craftroom, but I got inspired by your most recent post of your new pics Laura and started redesigning my space to make it more efficient for me. That means getting rid of some bookcases that just aren't right for the space and replacing it with something else, but I've been on the Ikea website to help me plan before I go shopping! (otherwise I'll buy stuff that won't fit right or can't decide on what to buy)

My favorite organizing "thing" is a purchase from last weekend. I got a new organizer tote sort of thingy that is large enough so that I can keep all the papers, 6x6 pads, card blanks, paper trimmer, and other goodies right on my work table without it being strewn all over the place. I wish I could remember the name of it, but I'll look it up later and post it when I get home. It's rather long - probably 16" or so, is rigid enough to stand up straight even when full of stuff, and it has lots of little pockets around the outside edges to hold scissors and things that I use a lot. I am in love with it!

I also keep one of those small see-thru "paintcans" on my desk where I put all my table scraps and little things that I don't use - whenever I work on a project I always try to use a couple of little things out of the can - keeps me from feeling bad about throwing away leftovers.


A cool thing my hubby did was make desktop in the spareroom closet. I have the computer and printer on it. Along the walls he built small shelves and I have my cricut carts stored alphabetically ( really handy when I call home and ask if I have 1 that I am about to purchase) hehe. On the other side is my small ikea jars filled with colored buttons.

Wanda Contreras

to be able to create, I NEED to have everything in their place. My best tip is after you use it, put it back where it goes. My scraproom is in the garage but not because it is there it has to be ugly or disorganized. I LOVE pink and creams and I create a shabby chic room out of hand me downs and flea market sales. I like to paint everything cream or ballerina pink so they look like they are sets. Baskets are my favorite items to organize. I have a basket for everything and I decoupage a dresser with music sheets where I KEEP my dies, laces and trims, fabrics and other items. I LOVE your area!!! thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!!!
best regards,


My favorite storage/organization item would be wicker baskets & some very inexpensive antiques. I have pink & lime green as my main colors with splashes of white. Right now my scraproom is a disaster!

Jennifer Boehme

I love having things organized in my scrap space! It is always a work in progress but I find that grouping like things together makes them much easier to find when I working on a project. I also store my paper by manufacture so that when I see something I like I can go strait to that group and find the paper I am looking for. Thanks for the chance to win some more stuff!

Debbie O'Neal

Happy Friday to you too Laura ! It's so nice of you to do a giveaway.

Let's see, to keep organized in my scrap space, I have my room divided into Zones (flowers, embellishments, ribbon, tags, specialty items like twine, crepe paper, chipboard, stamping and inks and paints, die cut/cutting station, cardstock, patterned paper, thickers/alpha sets, etc.)

Then I have a basket that as I am creating and finish using items I pulled for my project, I toss into the basket. At the end of my crafting session (or to be honest usually before I begin another one) I take the basket and walk around my space and put everything back in their appropriate zone before I pull things for the next project. I found that this does keep the clutter down and gives me more space to create. Hope this helps someone...can't wait to pick up tips from you all too.

Beth W

Being old and forgetful-my best tip is putting pictures of the contents of drawers and boxes on their fronts so I know what's inside.Saves me so much time and frustration!

mary t

hey laura!!
unfortunately I'm always trying to reorganize!! but I love to find cool little containers and bowls from thrift shops and goodwill and everything looks eclectic kinda like me! love what you were able to do!!
mary t


probably not the thing anyone wants to hear, but for me, i stay best organized when i downsize and keep things to a minimum....too much stuff gets lost and forgotten in the kerfuffle :)

have a great weekend, laura!!!



Hi, Laura!! How exciting to have your scrap room reorganized and finished!!
Love the way it turned out!!!
I 'm not sure if I have any tips that people have not tried or heard of but I will share what I use!
I love using tackle baoxes for small embellishments, shoe bags for embellishments and punches.
Old baskets for storing larger flowers and also my larger stamps. I also love to use old jars for embellishments.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Laura C

I like finding cute cut glass dishes including some on stems and arranging them around a shelf with flowers, die cuts and other embellies in them. I also like to collect antique blue canning jars for buttons and ribbons.

Sheila R

I have hung vintage draws on my studio wall to hold, organized and display my vintage finds that I use in my artwork. This display is constantly changing and full of inspiration.

Louise Dubord

My favorite tip is to keep all like things together. This way I am not looking all over the place for something.


Ooohh, I love your new scrap room. I wish I had a space as bright and inviting. I work out of a closet (granted it's a decent size walk in closet, but no natural light) so I have to keep things fairly organize. I don't have any new tips to add, all the other comments were wonderful and along the same idea. However, I do like to find organinzing items in the kitchen section of stores. I recently found a 3 tier standing basket that I absolutely love and use for my paints. Thanks so much for sharing your new space with us :)


I have started to organize my paper by manufacturer, as I find that I'm always going to certain ones all the time. This helps me to find just what I'm looking for. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Amy Baldwin

I have a major problem staying organized with all my crafting, but I have found that using clear containers helps tremendously! Not only do they look neat visually with all the colors bursting through, but it gives me a better idea as to what I have. If I see it, I use it. If I don't, I won't!

Thanks for the chance at your giveaway! Sounds like lots of hidden goodies await!

Sharon R.

Not quite as organized as I'd like to be, but wire baskets and see-though type rubbermaid containers work for me. Labeling is SO important, even if you can see through the bin. I make a habit of keeping a post-it pad nearby, so that when something goes in, and there's no time to drag out the label maker, at least I have a post-it to remind me of what's inside.
Just started reading your blog a few months ago and thank you for the inspiration...and the opportunity for the giveaway!


I recently purchased a clip it up!! And im so happy with it,all of my embelies are organized,then i have the scrapbook wooden cubes from micheal's,and i have an old hutch that my glimmer mist and prima flowers and button in jars!............:)


I love the plastic sterlite containers - I use the 4 drawer ones for chipboard, rub-ons, paint, ink, etc... Although it might not be the most stylish thing they definitely work really well.


I have to say that my dear husband created my ultimate SB space recently, since my two boys did not want to give up theie video/play room, I took the loft over..we planned everything after a trip to IKEA. I have a long wrap around counterspace,under the counter top, he put the cube shelving units on the sides-so that gave me 3 units long-2 cubes high. They had the pink storage cubes that I alternated in the cubes-the one witout are holding my plastic containers of embellies. a rolling chart holds all my Prima flowers-the new ones at least. Hubbie also went online and got me a really nice paper stacker made from wood-the shelves are tilted and flip up for easy paper removal-that only hold the printed paper, go another one that holds the bazzil. Still decorating but he hung a candelier with crystals for the bling effect. Lots of large glass containers-one holds all my Websters Pages bloomers! My girlfriends beg to scrap in my space now. What a chance to having to search my closet when I needed sometime. This new room enables me to go "shopping" in my room when I attend crops at a store, I create kits before I go-this way I just open my bag and create the layout instead of searching for the paper-pic and then the ribbon, bling-embellies, etc..I LOVE MY NEW SPACE. I would love some cute things to accent the room with, anything you make is amazing.

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