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Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Favorite Recipe = Pecan Pie. Tons of wonderful memories. Probably my favorite was Christmas Eve with Extended Family at my Parents house as I was growing up. Passing out presents and enjoying family and food. Lori

Jennifer O

Favorite recipes are the 3 cookies I make only at Christmas time. Favorite memories are Christmas at Grandma's house. Love continuing with any traditions that my children enjoy even though they are all teenagers now.


I'm from 'Downunder" so Christmas for us is warm weather, so salads, pavlova, etc. This year we are going to my ex-sister-in-laws place about 1.5 hrs drive away. So there will be me & my 2 daughters & a couple of friends so 6 girls/ladies in total & lots of food. We all like food, daughters take food/cooking at high school, so we have lots to make beforehand. This year our Christmas cake will be Lemon Syrup cake, very yummy.

ruth tacoma

We are headed out to Dutchman Tree Farm on saturday to find the 'perfect' tree, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, take lots of goofy photos, come home to put the tree up and decorate it.

It's really different now that the kids are all grown and gone, but over the last few years we have come to embrace being 'two' of us and having our own traditions.

Favorite Christmas cookie: Strawberry Cream Cookies......the absolute BEST little cookie ever. EVER. Amen. ;)

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