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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


debra famularo

Great post Laura. And this a beautiful project for Maya Road!


I love this!! I have been thinking of doing the same for a while. I had not blogged in a while but I feel that I missed that alot. I need to cut back more and do more of the face to face things and more scrapbooking! I am ready to take my life back. lol Grace xoox

ruth tacoma

You are speaking my language friend! I decided this year that I would like to live with more intention. I do not want to say "let's have lunch sometime" I want to say "can we have lunch this week/next week" and make the plan.

I want to read a book. Not electronically, but to open an actual book. To sit in my comfy chair with a favorite afghan (hand made) and have a cup of tea or coffee.

I want to have more moments that people dream of.

I will still do social media, of course. But when I want to and not because I feel pressured to do so. I cut back on my blog reader subscriptions this week in fact.

I'm going to find your email because there is a great book I just found today that I think you will love. Time management and small business skills are the topics. :)

GREAT post today! Thank you!


Great thoughts Laura-- I totally agree with you that people in general are just way too plugged in all the time.. Especially our kids who never lived in a world without a cell phone! (Yes I am THAT OLD)..
I feel like I could get some actual creating done if I 'd limit my computer time! Thanks for sharing- it's a wonderful idea!

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