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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Mel H

I have purchased several coffees and soda as RAKs in the last year

Michelle H.

WOW! You have been busy and have a lot of changes! IKWYM Our daughter will be 9 in December time is going by way to fast! So excited for Victoria and how fun that Rebecca is 15 now! I remember when she was 10!!
I cant believe I have been following your blog and have known you for that long now!!
Love mark Hall we will be seeing them in concert for the 1st time in 2 weeks cant wait!
One of my fav CC group!!The last RAK I did was a giveaway on my blog. Love that verse!
So excited about your retreats going so well for you in Italy!! Have a blessed rest of the week! :)

Theresa from Virginia

I can't recall how many years it's been since I've been following your blog and now your Facebook Laura, but it's been a while now. I miss all the cool kits you used to put together and sell here, and would SO love to get one of your new kits you're giving away! How cool would that be!

I have received a couple of little RAK packages in the mail over the years with a small something, like a little stamp and a piece of pretty lace. LOVE getting those sweet little surprises. I have done the same for friends, especially when I know somebody just needs a little pick me up - I make them a pretty card or a banner or wall hanging of some sort, and it has never failed to get rave reviews and spread a little love where needed.

I didn't realize Lance sold his business - that's a big change, but I'm sure he's up to the task. Sometimes new things keep us going and keep us young! Always excited to see how the girls are doing - I'm especially excited for Victoria to be going to school in Italy. Even though I've never met any of you in person, or even talked on the phone, I still feel like I "know" you all, and have enjoyed seeing the girls grow up over the years. Hugs to you all!


I actually got this idea from Little Tommy from the Jeff n Jer show on kyxy in San Diego......it is so much fun to pay for the car behind you at a fast food drive thru or starbucks....kinda makes up for eating fast food :)


I am totally wound up and stressed and came to your blog and feel relaxed. Thank you. My problem is that I think and worry about everyone else and never ME, so I decided to do a weekly blog post on that. I think it is important to love and do to others but you must love U first. Baby steps I guess and definatly will be odering those books. Thank you for blogging all these years and sharing your family and your heart with al of us. For me you ground me you make me think and focus on our spirit first. Congratulations to your family and all the wonderful goals accomplishments and birthdays. Thank you Grace xoox

Patricia Huber

I have what I call a "card ministry." When I hwar of someone feeling blue, being ill, or going through a stressful time, I send them a card I have made. See you in Italy!

Jennifer O.

I love Random Acts of Kindness!! Anything that can lighten another person's day is worth doing!


Beautiful post! I love that song ;) My sons favorite is "East to West" and it's so cute hearing him say "Cause I can't bear to see the man I've been , rising up in me again" because he's only 13 lol! I know when you do nice things for people you're supposed to keep it on the dl, but one of my favorite things to do with my boys around Christmas time is when the Salvation Army volunteers are outside standing in the cold ringing their bell, we drive around and find them and bring them a hot chocolate! They are always so happy and grateful, it's so much fun! And it never gets old seeing my boys expressions when they see how amazing it feels to do something kind for others! Truly awesome! I would like to think of some more of those things to do year round like the coffee thing, but one that is easy for kids to be involved in as well. If you come up with some good idears lemme know! xoxo Rah


I recently had the car in front of me at McDonald's pay for my order.
That brought a smile to my face and brighten my day!

And..it inspired me to do the same last week for the car behind me.

Yay! for RAKs

Tracey B

I think the idea of paying for coffees is a great idea. It is the little things sometimes that can mean the most.
Love following your blog.... your family and your travels. I live in NZ, so have never met you but would love to be on one of your Italy trips. Have been briefly back in 2010 for a few days... would love to explore more. THank you for sharing with us all.

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